KLIM Swift is our brand new laptop cooler. It allows you to choose exactly at which speed you want the fans to rotate, therefore adapting it to your needs.

It brings the power of a gaming laptop cooler while keeping an elegant design.
Overheating a lot because you’re editing videos? Turn the speed to the max!
Little overheating while doing some simple browsing? Set it to 400RPM (rotations per minute) and you won’t be able to hear it! Overheating is the number 1 cause of laptop failure since it damages its components. If your laptop overheats you’re seriously limiting its life span.

 AN INVESTMENT : This laptop cooler is an investment => no overheating of the components => maximises the laptop’s lifespan. Aluminum sheet for maximum heat dissipation. It will cool down your laptop in seconds.

 LARGE MODEL + SILENT : Covers the following sizes : 11 11.3 12 13 14 15 15.6 16. Compatible with the following sizes 17.3 18 and 19 inches. Extremely silent cooling pad, it never exceeds 26dB (decibels).

 CLASSIC DESIGN : The KLIM Swift offers the performances of a cooling pad for gaming laptops without the flashy style of such cooling pads.

 BUILT TO LAST : The KLIM Swift is 65% metal, making it extremely resilient to falls and other bumps. This cooling pad has a minimum lifespan of 60000h, which equals 7 years of rotating full speed full time. In addition to the 1-year usual warranty, we offer 4 years of additional warranty.

 FLEXIBLE : The fans’ rotation speed is adjustable, which allows you to set it to match your needs. This can go from maximum fan speed when needs be, or slower fan speed when you wish to avoid all noise. Flexible as well in its angles of inclination thanks to our innovative system.