KLIM Mantis


✅ COMPLETE IMMERSION. KLIM Mantis immerses you in its 7.1 USB surround sound: perfect for playing video games. Enemies will never take you by surprise again ! The 7.1 system also offers perfect immersion when watching films.
✅ HIGH QUALITY AUDIO. The sound is high quality. The headset is perfectly adapted to gaming, watching films or listening to music. The microphone will allow your teammates to hear you crystal clear, be it for teamwork or flaming (which we don’t endorse 🙂 )
✅ BUILT TO LAST + WARRANTY + ENGLISH CUSTOMER SERVICE. We’re committed to producing quality electronics using higher quality components, built to last. If you were to ever encounter any problem, you’re covered by our 2 year warranty. If, when you receive the product, it isn’t to your liking, Amazon will allow you to return it within 30 days with no return shipping costs and receive a full refund. It’s a completely risk free purchase.
✅ DESIGN. The headset comes in a full matte black colour, which bring out its red markings.
✅ YOU WON’T FEEL IT. KLIM Mantis was designed for comfort over long periods of time, no matter the size of your head. It’s very light (415g) and does not warm. The headband is cushioned and flexible.