KLIM Domination

✅ An investment : How long do you spend every day to typing on your keyboard? A mechanical keyboard tells you precisely when you have enabled, which allows you to play with the following touch quickly. You can after a week or two for gains in speed from 10% to 15%. Imagine what it means on a yearly basis. In addition to the speed, taper will become a real pleasure.

✅ Unlimited possibilities : Most mechanical keyboards outlet proposed some effects of light. The Domination is a real Full RGB keyboard. With the Klim Domination you can choose the colour of each key individually. There are 16 million possible combinations. The keyboard remembers your choice. Complete Customization. Add to that nearly 21 unique effects. You can even choose the speed of its effects.

✅ Frappe perfect : A person who is suitable for mechanical keyboard is not backwards. With its most popular Blues, switches, the Klim Domination offers an accurate Strike, it easily and quickly. Written word your typing speed and speed in your games will make a quantum leap forward. With the Klim Domination you’ll have a new flow, in your strikes. Warning: This is a mechanical keyboard switch blue, this adds up to the noise, this is delibera

 + Garantie : amounts to prevent, with its 1,26kg the Klim Domination is its own weight. This makes it completely still when you are playing. It is a real tank that is designed to last for a decade. Braided fabric cable. USB gold. Long lasting coating. It is guaranteed for 5 years, which is exceptional in the electronics. This is a purchase safely.

 ✅ Simple : At Klim we are against software and drivers. All can be set directly from your keyboard with a manual in good shape. You will find all the usual buttons multi-medias. The keyboard is standard in AZERTY, all you have to do is connect it and it will work perfectly. Please kindly let us know if you got any problems A French customer service is at your disposal. With anti-ghosting.