The KLIM Cool is the first product of KLIM Technologies. Faced with very inefficient cooling pads we looked into new ways to cool your laptop.

This laptop cooler is an investment => no overheat of the laptop’s components => maximises the laptop’s lifespan.

Innovative patented design, sucks in hot hair and injects fresh air, all of this with little noise.

KLIM Cool is the first smart laptop cooler. It measures the laptop’s temperature and automatically adjusts the fan’s power to cool the laptop.

LED screen showcasing the temperature and the fan’s speed, which are both manually adjustable.

High performance laptop cooler to be placed against the air outlet (on the side or behind the laptop). Adjustable silicon sleeves to fit all sizes of laptop (10″ to 17″).

The video comes in many languages: Spanish, Italian, French and German. To activate it, press the setting tool on the lower right side of the video then press Subtitles.