KLIM Bungee


✅ PERFECT CONTROL. This bungee extension allows you to perfectly control your mouse while avoiding any blocks or disruptions. This allows for perfect fluidity. The bungee extension is completely stable and the arm is flexible.

✅ FULFILLS YOUR USB PORT NEEDS. With the latest USB 3.0 technology and superior power supply, experience data transfer rates of up to 6 GB/s. The arm is retractable if you wish to only use KLIM Bungee as a USB hub.

✅ BEST ON THE MARKET. You can surely find a bungee or a hub for 10€, or a bungee from a reputable brand with an unaffordable price, our bungee offers the best of both worlds in terms of value for money.

✅ BUILT TO LAST + WARRANTY. We build products made to last. We don’t accept lower end electronic components which only last a few months and that’s why we’re confident enough to offer a 5 year warranty. Customer service in English.

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL. If you’re like us, you like to keep your desk organised with as little clutter as possible, this bungee responds to both these criteria.