KLIM Breeze


✅ INSTANT COOL DOWN. You’ll be surprised by the power of the KLIM Breeze given its small size. The fan rotates at more than 3 500 revolutions per minute.

✅ EASY TO CARRY. With its weight of only 250g and its 14 x 12 x 18.5cm size, it is extremely light and compact.

✅ BUILT TO LAST + WARRANTY + CLIENT SUPPORT. We strive to design electronic devices with superior quality components that last. If you encounter any issue, you will be covered by our 5 years warranty. You can buy this product at no risk. We are an European team.

✅ SILENT and STYLISH. Don’t be afraid to put the KLIM Breeze on your desk. Of course, a fan can never be truly silent, it’s physics after all. However, the KLIM Breeze was designed to produce the least possible noise despite its power.

✅ PLUG IT ANYWHERE. The USB connector can be used anywhere : in a computer, with a USB adapter and a power supply or with a power bank.