KLIM eSport


We first launched the KLIM 1st but we quickly realized it might not be that convenient for stronger complexions.

We realized that an adapted chair for each one was needed, and thus the eSport was created. The two chairs have the same quality. The main difference is at the seat, which is larger for the eSports.

If you are over 90 kg, we recommend the eSport (you will be more comfortable on your seat).

If your weight is below that, feel free to choose the design you prefer and whether to have a larger or smaller seat.

✅ AN INVESTMENT. You undoubtedly spend many hours in front of the screen. By using the KLIM eSport you will get more comfort and improve your lumbar support. A lack of support may cause serious back problems and the KLIM chair has been created to avoid them.

✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY. We haven’t skimped on quality when making the KLIM eSport, we have used the best materials available and the finish has been highly polished. You are buying quality.

✅ DON’T PAY FOR THE BRAND. Many chair manufacturers make huge investments in marketing, but at KLIM, we have decided to minimize our marketing and let the quality of the product speak for itself. This allows us to offer our customers great value for money.

✅ MADE FOR YOU. The KLIM chair is adjustable at all levels so it is perfectly adapted to you. You may recline it to an almost horizontal position and its height can be adjusted. It is suitable for people between 1.50 m and 2m. It is larger thant the KLIM 1st, and a person measuring 1m80 and 100kg will certainly feel more comfortable.

✅ TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. Reinforced steel frame for extraordinary durability. Elastic straps for maximum comfort. High quality artificial leather, treated for extra wear resistance. High quality anti cold foam padding. Leaning mechanism with 5 positions. “4D” padded armrests. Freely adjustable backrest. Sturdy and durable aluminium base, 75 mm diameter.